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Company Culture

  • Purpose: thyHalo is an online activewear boutique oriented to modern European women who have a health-conscious, on-the-go lifestyle who aspire to look their best in every occasion without compromising personal style, quality nor expression.
  • Vision: We want to become a top online activewear European boutique that offers a curated selection of high-quality, premium international brands.
  • Mission: The goal is to lead the athleisure trend in Europe, a market that is expected to grow 6.5% annually in the next 5 years. We seek to provide a great online shopping experience for our customers.

These core values are part of the DNA of Thy Halo

  1. Perseverance: we push boundaries and think beyond the box. This means taking risks, constantly developing and improving to deliver the best experience possible.
  2. Honesty and transparency: we build trust within a transparent communication. Great experience means for us to be sincere and clear among our team and our community.
  3. Innovation: we discover practical and highly creative solutions with new ideas. We are constantly finding new ways to grow our company and deliver great results. We never give up seeking inventions to solve problems.
  4. Passion: we are 100% committed in heart and mind. We pursue excellence, care intensely about our company's success. Passion is our strength since we are always moving forward and improving. Go beyond delivering what works and discover what delights.
  5. Commitment: we are dedicated to work and community. We see challenges as opportunities. We believe in what we do and together we celebrate success and achievements.